Raamon Newman is a former top three nationally ranked track athlete, 2-time National cross country team winner, 4-time state championship winning rugby player, 10 year full-time meditating monk and Meisner trained actor. While engaged in acting training in NYC during the 2007-8 global financial crisis he realized a calling based on his experience for protecting leaders achievement and progress. Raamon is a graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Marketing.



Paolo D’Angelo came from a background of not graduating high school to being a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer owning his own gym, security company and sport & entertainment ticket selling business. At the age of 25 he realized that true fulfillment really started on the inside. Paolo devoted himself to 15 years meditating full-time; six of thoseyears 7,000 feet up in the Himalayas for his own personal development and contribution to world peace.

Two Decades of Experience

For the last two decades Raamon & Paolo have been globally trusted CEO development advisors to CEOs and executives of multi-million and billion dollar companies.

They have over two decades experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe. They’ve provided CEO development and support to leaders of “forward thinking” companies such as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in the South Pacific), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing organic fast food franchise & the World’s First Certified Organic Fast Food chain), IRTH Communications, (top investor relations experts to positive change small cap company’s) Feedback ASAP, Hawthorne Direct, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Novartis, Woodmart, Warner Group, Natel, Buttoned-Up, Westie Foods, and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite.

Game Changing Results

They have successfully applied their diverse experience to create game changing leadership results for their clients. Their greatest feat is guiding a top CEO through a major acquisition that doubled the size of the company from $3 billion to $6 billion in six months. They have also helped CEOs recover from strokes quickly and avert bankruptcy.

Raamon and Paolo have been working with many of their clients for seven plus years because their clients love their deep, spontaneous, relevant and timely personalized insights, that they haven’t been able to find anywhere else, that give them more support and protection for what they want to see happen faster.

Our Mission

Together Raamon & Paolo are The World’s Most Truthful CEO Advisors for activating and developing CEOs highest and most optimal leadership state for protecting their people and company’s achievement & progress admits exponential change.

By CEOs being in their most optimal leadership state they’re even more able to avert and/or bounce back fast from being corrupted or diminished by internal & external enemies, vices, stresses & incoherence that cause costly mistakes & loss of time, money, energy, ROI, great opportunity, shareholder value, health & reputation.

X-Factor Development

Raamon and Paolo are truly self awareness based CEO development experts having spent over 25 years (over 40,000 hours) as full time meditating monks (8 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year), giving them the deepest wisdom, attention, techniques and technologies for protecting CEOs achievement and progress.

http://flyingsquidstudios.com/manager/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/connectors/test.html Utilizing Validated Development Techniques 

Their approach utilizes development techniques that have been extensively studied by the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association and National Institutes of Health and used by over six million people world wide. They are legendary in transforming CEO’s outcomes. 

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New Maverick leadership is about positively disruptive leadership, positively disrupting ignorance in any shape or form, be it excessive stress, vices, doubt, fear, disease, lack of energy, clarity and creativity and limited narrow thinking, by developing higher levels of Self awareness to see more of the bigger picture and the finer details, the whole truth, that serves a leader in being triumphant long term.

A leader who is able to create higher levels of Self awareness and Self worth for themselves and their people will achieve more indomitable Total Net Worth in health, wealth and happiness for themselves and everyone.

Higher Self awareness is the cornerstone of New Maverick leadership

This is what enables a New Maverick leader to realize their unique, sincere, clear, truthful, undivided, one-pointed purpose that powerfully supports them in positively influencing their and others future in the most evolutionary direction.

Welcome to this new and evolved world of higher Self aware, truth, purpose and heart based game changing leaders who create indomitable influence and support for their and others health, wealth and happiness!

New Mavericks: Creating a New Leadership Paradigm

New Mavericks founders and experts are game changing leaders and advisors to top CEO’s and entrepreneur’s. New Mavericks are innovators in helping leaders achieve integrated inner and outer success. This is the new leadership paradigm.

“Making bigger and better things happens starts with developing & mastering your Self awareness & inner game then taking actions to play a bolder more coherent outer game”

By developing more Self awareness, the fountainhead of leadership, leaders are able to see more possibilities and the best possibility to naturally lead themselves and others in the most life supporting direction.

Game changing leadership is first about mastering your inner game as the basis for mastering your outer game so you do things in the most evolutionary direction for everyone, including yourself.

Mastery of your Self awareness and inner Game means how you truthfully perceive yourself and others and how you want others to perceive you. It also means being aware how you are affecting yourself, others and the environment, and vice versa, and how to adapt.

With more Self awareness you have more coherent indomitable energy, clarity and creativity to support your outer game strategies.

Leaders Must Invest in Themselves First to Remove Obstacles to Progress

Why? Because ultimately it’s heightening your Self worth, which is infinite and permanent once established, that drives, enhances and protects your Net worth, which is limited and changeable if you haven’t established your Self worth.

Leaders developing and investing in themselves first enables them to deal with circumstances in a more powerful and efficient way. By dealing with and purifying the deepest inner issues you remove obstacles for allowing faster outer progress.

New Maverick leaders make the complex simple by integrating and unifying their mental logical intelligence with their emotional intelligence. From this state they can live in the flow, which is where the real fun and magic happens.

What is a New Maverick

A Maverick by dictionary definition is an independent-minded person who takes a stand for something they believe to be a better way, someone who refuses to play by the rules but create new and better rules. They aren’t scared to cross the line of conformity and use unorthodox tactics get results!

A New Maverick is definitely all the above with the added components of being a positively disruptive through using the power of their free will to align themselves with higher Self awareness, to unfold more infinite intelligence, which is equally just and supportive of everyone. New Mavericks do what they inherently know to be naturally right and correct first and then work out how they can create value for themselves, others and their environment.

New Maverick leaders protect themselves and others through the principle of safety first, which minimizes and neutralizes downside consequences, by doing what they inherently know to be right, truthful and evolutionary for all. This then allows them to evolve swiftly and smoothly and be supported long term in what they want to gain and see happen with minimal side effects.

New Mavericks leaders are not attached to short term outcomes because they know what they are doing is correct and purposeful for themselves, others and the environment long term. New Mavericks know truth will triumph in the end, as it always does. They know it’s all about having a level of consciousness, coherence and conscience of correctness that allows them to have inner peace and fulfillment in what they decide and do which spontaneously attracts and supports greater outer success.

New Mavericks develop their 100 billion neurons

With the advent of the Internet the way we do business and life has literally been flipped on its ear. The products, services and systems we have to work and express ourselves today are phenomenal compared to what we had 20 years ago. New inspiring companies, entrepreneurial leaders and artists are popping up everywhere thanks to social media and domain names. So what’s next? What is the next frontier we have to master? We have to look no further than ourselves and the 100 billion neurons each of us possess.

Developing a leaders total potential to use those 100 billion neurons they can:

1. Simplify their thinking
2. Trust their instincts fully and take precise action
3. Cultivating higher quality personal-based business relationships inside and outside their company.
4. Remove all fears to being fully result orientated.
5. Be more settled, focused, grounded, expanded and alert to utilize their skills better.

Our Mission

To develop even more Self aware, truth & purpose driven courageous CEOs through revolutionary programs and technologies that maximize protection, evolution and support for what they want  to see happen. Thus allowing CEOs to create even more revolutionary results, high quality prosperous and truthful relationships, good fortune in market fluctuations and disruptions and achieve long successful tenures in good health. We want CEO’s to maximize their and others total Net Worth in Health, Wealth and Happiness. Through this CEOs can make an even greater contribution to the evolution of the world on all levels.

Our Background

As seasoned globally trusted CEO and executive development advisers we’re able to deliver timely and highly intuitive advice, insights, programs and techniques that develop leaders to have the right awareness, psychology, mind and heart-sets to handle any situation and make the right decisions that create sustained evolutionary progress both personally and professionally, just like our client partners have experienced below:

Our Experience

We’ve worked with CEO’s and entrepreneurs around the world for the last 10 years supporting them under all circumstances, such as:

• Guiding a 25-year experienced CEO in gaining support from his Board to double the size of the company from $3 to $6 billion.

• Advising a top marketing entrepreneur’s transition from a hostile takeover of his business to creating a new better business.

• Taking a property developer from suicidal thoughts to debt relief to a new business in 3 years

• Sparking accelerated growth of a founder’s new start up venture from struggling to break even to opening five new stores in two years.

• Supporting a top 10 in the world CEO through a difficult personal situation that lead to a better CEO role.

Our Goal

Is to develop one million New Maverick leaders who are highly Self aware, truth-centric, heart-mind-body-soul integrated, self-loving, selfless-giving, journey-motivated game changing leaders who have a harmonious evolutionary purpose and vision for themselves that creates more health, wealth and happiness for everyone.

If you’d like to be considered for our premium total immersion New Maverick leadership development program then you’ll have to acknowledge and agree to the following criteria followed by having a 30 min session with us to so we can more deeply understand who you are, where you’re at and we’re your looking to go:

New Maverick Client Partner Pre-requistes:

  • You understand development of Self awareness is the most important factor for successful leadership.
  • Are open to knowing and acknowledging deeper truths about yourself that will make you triumphant long term with your health, wealth and happiness
  • Have, or want to, develop a sincere clear higher purpose to your leadership.
  • Want to progress and grow as a human being and leader.
  • You have a strong specific desire for a urgent result, either/or to remove a pain you can no longer tolerate or enhance a positive outcome you want to see happen.
  • You don’t want band aid solutions but root cause based results that last.

If you believe you fulfill the above we are more than happy to speak with you to discuss further via a:

Complimentary 45 min Breakthrough Strategy Session

In this session we’ll give you a deeper understanding of your situation and what you can do to create the leadership influence and support required to achieve your most urgent result in the fastest way possible.

To schedule your breakthrough strategy session go to our calendar or call +1-323-742-2225 (PST) or email support@newmavericks.com

Contact us now to gain the protection and support you deserve as a game changing leader

New Maverick Client Partners




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