New Mavericks Integration Zone Webinar #1

Top of Your Game: Full-on Success With Inner Balance
18 November, 2014

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New Mavericks co-founder Paolo D’Angelo leads off with a short “essence” statement on being in The Zone.  This is not an outside state to achieve, he describes, but an intrinsic state just waiting to be actualized.
Our inner reality creates our outer reality. Paolo shares how to achieve peak performance on a permanent level by settling down the mental chatter so we have clarity of thought and actions hit the target. When the mind is settled and heart is fully happy then mind and heart become one. This gives the ability to handle any situation with ease and inner balance. This is functioning from the zone to achieve peak performance.

 The One Key Mind-Set & The Essential Rituals for Success

Joel Brown 
Joel Brown, Founder, describes how he originally started his success authority site just so he could leave his dead-end job. But when he started to receive appreciative emails from individuals from around the world relating how his site had inspired them to get out of poverty or to help their village grow, a sense of “service to a larger whole” kicked in.  Inspired by this vision, Joel describes that one key mind-set that drove his phenomenal social media success as he accumulated over 53 million unique visits to his site in his first 3 1/2 years.  He also describes the essential habits and rituals that sustained his social media success as he also racked up a quarter million Facebook followers.

 The Team Work Zone

The Webinar continues with David Williams & Mary Michelle Scott, CEO and president of Fishbowl Inc., describing the extraordinary values upon which they run their company.  The personal growth and fulfillment of their employees is the unequivocal bottom line,  and without any sacrifice of their business goals.  They describe the courage it took to make this choice and how it has paid off as profits have soared.  They give practical tips, adaptable for any business, on the key steps to start your team-building process based on these core values. 
After a brief Q & A, Raamon Newman & Michael Sternfeld close by summarizing the key points of the Webinar.

Different layers of knowledge came out for playing at the top of your game with inner balance. Paolo emphasized getting to the source of energy, right thoughts and happiness by settling the mind. That the zone is always there.

Then Joel’s mindsets of being addicted to success through the attitude of “no excuses” and taking small steps. Also culturing good habits so they become unconsciously ingrained. Using meditation to remember that inner balance as well as getting use to being comfortable being uncomfortable.

David promoted creating an environment that allows people to excel and perform at peak levels. Delegating and giving responsibility to people allows them to stretch and soar. That we are all in the people business. There should be no fear of failing up to get a little better everyday.

Mary was the heart center of the call. She encouraged focusing on what is good and positive, learned from a disabled employee. Use values of authenticity, accountability, laughter and willingness to learn creates a culture of seeing people as a growing process. Taking away the fear factor anything is possible.

David encouraged focusing on one thing you want to improve on in yourself and go to your team and let them know to get their support. Joel encouraged finding what your passionate about and good at and get good people around you.

Michael noted everyone is part of one giant gem and everyone brings a certain facet to success. Joel has distilled the essence of success from peak performers. He noted how David and Mary have stuck with their ideals of respect, loyalty and gratitude in business.

The goal is integrated success, which is the new paradigm over hard driving success. Integration is having balance horizontally in areas of health, relationships and work as well as vertically between your inner mind and emotions and outer actions.


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