Achieve your next big milestone feeling completely comfortable, settled, secure & in charge WITHOUT stress, fear of stuffing up or working crazy hours


Invincible Leader Mastermind

Boost & Bulletproof Your Energy, Clarity & Creativity for Maximum Progress & Protection

What is an invincible leader

Over 50 top CEOs & executives of 8-10 figure revenue companies on four continents served in getting more assured protected results, adding MILLIONS & BILLIONS to their company’s value 

If you’re tired of any of the following we can definitely help:

  • Tired of being unsure if your team is doing or can do what is required to enhance & protect progress.
  • Tired of feeling like you have to look over your shoulder for threats or to check on others.
  • Tired of B players affecting your A players causing them to defect to the competition.
  • Tired of not getting full receptivity and support for what you want to see happen.

Having worked with top leaders of multi-million and billion revenue companies on four continents over the last two decades we know it’s one thing for a leader to have a compelling vision, it’s another thing to have maximum receptivity, support, assurance and protection for that vision to become reality.

Five years ago our service wasn’t able to stop the repercussions of leaders poor decisions & actions coming back to them, even though they were making great progress.

  • One leader had a life changing health issue suddenly happen
  • One had a hostile takeover of a company he started
  • Another wasn’t able to make his multi-hundred million dollar M&A deals work
  • Another had a $2 million loan pulled from under them in the middle of a project
  • And one had to liquidate a business to another company they thought they were going to merge and grow with.

It sucked for them and us. What did we do about it?

We built in more invincibility to:

  1. Neutralize negativity, reduce resistances, & minimize the suffering, and
  2. Enhance receptivity, support and protection for what they wanted to see happen.


In short, they became what we now call Invincible Leaders…they got connected to the most powerful source of leadership within…their IN-vincible leadership intelligence.


Aligning with your invincible leadership intelligence within you gain the power to… transform, overcome and enhance anything in business and life…because leadership is the prime mover of everything.

Doing this allowed:

  • One leader to take his company from $1.3B to $7.6B in the space of 7 years, over 480% plus growth. Accomplishing nearly six times more than he did in the previous 25 years as CEO. (see case study below)
  • Another leader started getting 100% close rate on major deals. (see case study below)
  • Another leader leading a $200 + million revenue business, improved his staff engagement by 55% and became the best performing business within his company group. (see case study below)
  • Another leader had greater energy, clarity, creativity and capacity to deliver under pressure to Fortune 500 clients and outperformed his competition, which included a company he founded, lead and then left. (see case study below)
These private clients were able to bounce back fast, some saying it was a miracle they even survived.
They’ve gone on to accomplish multiple times more in a shorter period of time than they did in the past. Here’s some of our clients experiences:

Client Case Study #1
From $1.3 billion to $7.6 billion in 7 years

“Organizing the biggest deal in our corporate history involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no-go hurdles & multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this, I personally feel like I am the eye of the storm…all is calm and relaxed! Interestingly, since our session, issues seem to be falling into place. 

If you’re leading a small, medium or large business in this age of exponential change, and want to be in tune with change rather than a victim of it, you’ve got to have at least one call with Paolo and Raamon to truly know the deeper value they bring in enhancing and protecting leader’s achievement and progress. Their wisdom, insights, support, and value has made a profound difference in enhancing my experience as a leader and is something I haven’t found anywhere else.”

Mark Waller, Chairman & Former CEO EBOS Group, 2010 New Zealand CEO of the Year

Client Case Study #2
100% Jump in Close Rate on Major Deals

“I used to walk into a big client meeting with a 30-page presentation. Today I walk in with a single page. And since I’ve been doing this…my close rate on major deals has jumped by 100%. 


I refer to it as my “x-factor.” And it doesn’t just apply to negotiating deals – it spreads across daily negotiations with my personal assistant, the storeman, the end users and all the company’s stakeholders.


Are you interested in getting the same unfair advantage? Then I urge you to reach out to Raamon and Paolo from New Mavericks.” 

Stefan Crooks, Managing Director, Westie Foods

Client Case Study #3
Staff turnover dropped 77%, engagement jumped 55% & sales turnover accelerated to be the best in the group

“We wasted years trying to get momentum and traction.  It was frustrating. I wanted to be setting the vision and taking people on a journey, not “blowing the whistle” and putting out fires. But I was at a loss…

  • I used to lie in bed at night worrying.
  • I used to get stopped by roadblocks I couldn’t see past.
  • I used to be stressed all the time.

Now I don’t. It seems counterintuitive, but the less I’ve struggled the more successful my team has become. And I owe much of this to a couple of guys, Raamon Newman and Paolo D’Angelo, from New Mavericks.

I’ve worked with dozens of coaches. Most of them only work on a surface level and never get to the fundamentals, leaving people to revert back to their original conditioning.”

Kelvin Hyland, Former GM EBOS Healthcare, Now Managing Director Ossis

Client Case Study #4
Better Handling the Challenges of Fast Growth

“These guys are deep thinkers. They help me think outside my limitations and the blocks I have created.  They assist me to see myself based on my potential. As I change my view of myself the perceived problem also changes. This enables me to move forward with confidence and clarity. They bring out the contrast between situations and circumstances and find out what resonates most importantly to me through the process of dialogue. You find out what is relevant and what I need to understand to transform myself. They are very insightful and make the complex simple and useful. They are truly trusted advisors”  


*This client went from deciding to leave a company he founded, that was serving Fortune 500 companies, to starting a new company doing the same thing in a better way and outperforming his old company within a couple of years.

Phil Prosser, Founder / CEO Feedback ASAPFounded the World’s Largest Mystery Shopping & World’s Most Actionable Feedback companies for managing customer excellence

Client Case Study #5
From Struggling to Breakeven to Supercharged Growth

“I feel like I’ve been supercharged over this last year of working with you guys. I wake up earlier with more creativity. I seem to have more time in my day even though I’m busy. I’m more “in the now” than I have ever been. My staff is commenting that everything I touch is turning to gold. I find I am more aware to avoid getting tired, as I now know this prevents the wheels from falling off.  I’ve realized I no longer want to face challenges and problems like in the past, I want more of the experience I’m now having as a business leader; I find I am having more and more support. Where have you guys been, thank you for guiding me in culturing this kind of support.”


*When we started working with this client in 2011 they had three stores and struggling to break even they’ve gone on to open 26 stores and become publicly listed today.

Jason Gunn, Founder / Managing Director, Oliver’s Real Foods The World’s 1st Organic Certified Organic Fast Food restaurant chain Nominee for Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Client Case Study #6
From the Wrong End of the Global Financial Crisis to Doing Bigger & Better Projects

“They gave me the knowledge; advice & a profound technique & technologies that has helped me stabilize the situation from a personal & emotional level first and secondly with improvements in my business & financial situation now unfolding. I still continue to work with them & intend to do so forever.” 



*This client was on the wrong end of the GFC back in 2009 when we connected with him and had lost nearly everything. Today he’s back doing 6-8 figure projects.

Porous Dumasia – Property Developer

Download more Client reviews below:

As you can see, when leaders invest in themselves through our service things get better and better…because when it comes to evolving leaders from being HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERS to INVINCIBLE PERFORMANCE LEADERS we have the time & field tested proven approaches to enhance & protect them and their achievement and progress.

Back to you!

Enough about them and us, you get the value.

THIS IS ABOUT YOU also reigniting the belief that these transformations can also happen for you when you integrate and implement the right knowledge and approaches.

If you’re a leader or see yourself as one, we know:

  • You think bigger than most
  • Your destiny is to make great things happen and make a positive impact on many people’s lives
  • You want success in terms of health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.
  • You want to fully give so you can fully get, protect and keep what you want.
  • You want to be the greatest leader you can be, at least in your own mind and may many peoples minds for generations to come.

All this going to require you to become the most INVINCIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF that no one can corrupt, diminish or hold back.

The question is do you want to live your manifest destiny or just have a unmanifest unfulfilled destiny?


Protection is not just a nice principle, it’s a tangible benefit that means:

  • You have the capacity and coherence to handle the responsibility and pressure to progress without corrupting or diminishing yourself and others, your business, quality relationships, reputation, health, wealth and happiness in the process.
  • Averting or at least minimizing costly mistakes.
  • You get to keep what you’ve already got, so you can build on it.
  • Ensuring the decisions you’re making are going to impact the future in the best possible way.
  • Your leadership vision gets full receptivity/support it deserves because others see what you see and buy into it rather than having the frustrating thought “why can’t they see what I see”.
  • You’re leading based on the whole truth, not a partial truth.
  • When you conceive an idea it will be protected from it’s inception until you achieve it and after you achieve it.


These results naturally happen because when you implement time and field-tested evolutionary knowledge, techniques and technologies that enlivened more capacity and coherence in yourself as a leader, as you are the most primary influence on the performance of your people, business and market place…

…like throwing a stone into still water you have the power to create a ripple effect on your whole environment and the people in it…


When you enhance the WHO, you the leader, with greater energy, clarity and creativity, then you become much more powerful in taking care of the parts of business like the WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHEN & WHERE.


Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t being an Invincible Leader a pretty HIGH AUDACIOUS AMBITIOUS ideal and maybe not even possible, even far-fetched?”

We get it, it’s totally natural you may feel a healthy dose skepticism as to whether this is even attainable.


So lets break it down to what we really mean by Invincible Leader so you can more fully relate and know it’s completely possible to easily achieve or at least see how it’s possible move in that direction.


VINCIBLE: means able to be overcome and conquered

INVINCIBLE: means NOT able to be overcome and conquered.


The only difference between the word vincible and the word invincible is the word “IN”.


Meaning being IN-vincible is not an external reality… because ultimately everything is subject to change (creation, maintenance and destruction) on the level of our environment, body, mind, senses and emotions…it’s an internal reality beyond the change…this is what you want to be in tune with.

Being an Invincible Leader is a STATE

A state where no internal or external, past, present or future stress, vice or incoherence 


can corrupt your ability to continuously lead yourself and others forward in the most evolutionary, harmonious, successful, peaceful and protected way possible!


Being an invincible leader is not something you create, it already exists inside you…you’re already hardwired to be an invincible leader you just have to know how to align with it.


The problem is the stresses, vices, resistances and incoherences have blocked and corrupted you from being and living from this state 24/7.


Once you know how to align with your invincible leader state, being in this state will do the rest.


For most leaders it takes decades to realize this state.


Through the Invincible Leader Mastermind you will have the privilege of taking a BIG shortcut.


You won’t have to climb Everest here because it’s about flipping your invincible switch inside…you just have to know how to find and flip it.

Why become an invincible leader


We all have to evolve to be more Invincible Leaders because of three main reasons:

1. You’ve always known there’s an invincible version of yourself that has and will always exist, you just haven’t been given the complete knowledge and practical approaches to fully connect AND live it.

It’s time to stop short selling yourself and your true worth!

And there’s no need to wait any longer because in 90 days we’ll give you the foundation required to fully be and live your most successful destiny as the invincible leader you were born to be.

There is a field of invincibility within you and now it’s time to know how to access it and live it.

2. In case you haven’t noticed, the rate of change in the world is accelerating.


Since 2007 when the smartphone, micro-chip processing speed, internet connectivity speed and globalization went to another another we’ve seenchange upon change happen at such an accelerated rate that our minds and hearts can barely keep up.

This has come at a cost to leaders who are not able to expand their capacity and coherence to adapt and be tune with these changes, so ended up being a victim of them.

3. Leadership Drives Everything

As a leader you are the primary influencer on the performance of your company. 


Whatever you feel, see, know, say, believe, project and do has a huge effect on everyone.


When you focus on lack and fear you get lack and fear reflected back, when you focus on giving value and new possibly you inspire new value and possibility.


Marketing, finance, operations, sales, teamwork…the what, why, how, when, and where of business all work better when the WHO (You) are in your invincible leadership state.


If you think your past is too painful, your present is too complicated, or your too short, not smart enough, not good looking enough or too good looking, not worthy enough, too stressed for time and money then I have great news for you.

Every client who thought this has is gone on to accelerated success as an Invincible Leader.

In fact, the less you believe this possible is actually the best perquisite that this will work for you.

Meaning the more skeptical you are the better the results you will have…ironic eh? (we’ll tell you why within the privacy of the mastermind).

The more you don’t get this the more this will get you and it will work…

The more doubts, stresses and vices you have the more this will work…

Because doubts, stresses and vices are just a sign you’re on the verge of a leadership breakthrough to being a more invincible leader.

Your greatest success is step by step through your greatest challenge.

Perhaps your reading and thinking this kind of thing doesn’t work for me, because things like this don’t work for me?

Follow this logic…you lead yourself out of bed, to the bathroom, the kitchen, to work, to meet a client or vendor….you successfully lead yourself to do thousands of things every day.

Now you simply have to continue to do this from your higher invincible state to be more of a magnet for better things to happen more smoothly at a greater magnitude.


Many leaders think they’re invincible based on having a strong ego and vision for what they want or their past accomplishments.

“Success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose” – Bill Gates

A strong ego, clear vision and past success is certainly useful yet it’s still limited.

Being an invincible leader exists beyond these limitations.

If having a strong ego, vision, tenacity, success and intelligence was enough to be an invincible leader the likes of Steve Jobs will still be with us today.

Being an Invincible Leader is something you align with, not something you create with your individual ego.

Aligning yourself with the creative, maintaining and destructive forces of nature you naturally:

  • allow yourself to be more invincible by being in tune with change
  • live your full potential, as long as your body exists,
  • don’t have to rely or be bound by your ego, vision or past success or failures.

Being an invincible leader means you’re protected as you achieve and progress so you can achieve and progress as much as you want without corrupting, diminishing or losing your health, wealth, key relationships, happiness and reputation.


  • To be even more connected, respected and protected to ensure their leadership progress and destiny becomes the most successful it can be.
  • To continuously accomplish without corrupting & diminishing themselves, business, relationships, reputation, wealth, health and the environment the process.
  • Be protected from making making costly mistakes that causes them to lose.

“IBM’s then-CEO Sam Palmisano famously dismissed cloud computing’s future among enterprise companies, saying, “You can’t do what we’re doing in a cloud.” Since then, giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Dell have brought in billions through their cloud offerings, while IBM posted 22 straight quarters of declining revenue from 2012 to the end of 2017.” –

  • Protect what I’ve got and make decisions that protect what I want in the future.
  • My leadership vision has full receptivity and support.
  • To know the greater truth that ensures they remain in tune with change and not a victim of it.
  • To have the capacity and coherence to easily handle the responsibility and pressure of being the most primary influencer on the performance of the company.
  • Conceive & execute on the right ideas at the right time and they won’t be corrupted, diminished or disrupted in the process.
  • My team and marketplace fully gets, sees, feels, believes, buys in and supports their vision rather than experiencing “why can’t they see and get what I see and get?”.



The Invincible Leader Mastermind is for leaders who want to:

  1. Accelerate towards becoming the most invincible version of themselves as a leader.
  2. Enhance and protect their and their people’s achievement and progress on all levels.
  3. Purify, neutralize and avert any internal or external stress, vice or incoherence that can corrupt and afflict their health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.
  4. Lead themselves and others in the most evolutionary, successful, peaceful and protected way possible.

Being even more of an Invincible Leader you’ll be part of a very elite group of leaders in this world who not only know how to progress more easily in this dynamically changing world but also how to be protected in the process.

The good news is this is not going to take long because through two decades of experience in the trenches with CEOs around the world we’ve worked out the time and field tested way to make you the invincible leader you’ve always meant to be.

It just requires consistent disciplined application of the knowledge, techniques and approaches we share with you to make this a reality.


Being even more of an invincible leader brings greater responsibility to help other leaders raise their bar to this highest level of leadership, which further makes you rise even more as a leader.


You will be at the forefront of leadership because leaders who know how to treat the cause of problems will be the ones who will lead and dominate the marketplace both now and in the future and for the benefit of everyone.


You will be starting a legacy of invincible leadership for all to model and follow.

You’ll be evolving from a high performance leader to an invincible performance leader.

How the invincible leader mastermind works:

TELL US what leadership result you want to see happen in the next 90 days and we’ll help you implement time & field tested proven knowledge, techniques, and technologies to align you with your Invincible Leadership intelligence which will inspire even more receptivity, support, assurance and protection for your vision so it more quickly moves in the direction of actually happening!


Being an invincible leader involves implementing both the SCIENCE OF ACHIEVEMENT and the SCIENCE OF PROTECTION.

This entails understanding and developing the following 18 INVINCIBLE LEADERSHIP POWERS:

1. Thought Power: 

The ability to be in tune with the right thought at the right time and not react or be affected by the wrong thoughts at the wrong time

2. Mindset Power: 

This includes the ability to:

  • Have the correct mindset in anything situation to lead things in the most evolutionary direction.
  • Quickly over come any resistances like procrastination, fear, doubt and worry and do what is required.

3. Deserving Power:

Developing enough good merit (value you’ve given) in your good merit bank account to have the receptivity and support to fulfill what you want. You’ll learn the four most powerful ways to do this.

4. Higher Energy Power:

If you want something better to happen you have must have higher energy which then gives you better clarity and creativity. You’ll get the knowledge and approaches to naturally elevate yourself to a higher energy state.

5. Authentic Presence Power:

You’ll know how to be even more fully connected to your unshakable authentic Self in any circumstance to attract support.

6. Coherence Power:

You’ll learn how to activate and maintain global alpha brain coherence, which is what top athletes, business leaders and musicians have when performing at their best, to:

  • Have up to five times less thoughts
  • Have more of the right thoughts at the right time
  • Connect the dots faster to make things happen more quickly and smoothly
  • Make maximum use of time and energy.
  • Live the ZERO FACTOR, so the time between your great idea and taking action on it is as close to zero as possible.

7. Truth Power:

To know how to recognize the truth, not just a truth, that will make you and others protected and triumphant.

8. Self Discipline Power:

How to naturally discipline yourself to do what is required to enhance and protect your health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.

9. Conviction Power:

How to have so much conviction to naturally persevere and persist in overcoming any inertias in yourself and others to accomplish your vision.

10. Devotion Power:

How to lead, serve and solve problems based on the most power emotion of love, which is the highest form of commitment from the level of the heart.

11. Community Team Power:

It’s commonly known new environments create new break throughs.

ILM is a healthy community driven by healthy leaders who drive progress from the most coherent invincible level of intelligence, from the inside-out and from the bottom-up through local trust-based relationships.

ILM is an all inclusive community of leaders who embrace diversity in thinking, ideas and people that enhance and protect people, business & the environment.

12. Perfect Health Power:

You’ll learn the best proven natural daily, seasonal and yearly practices for enhancing and protecting your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health which is the basis for acquisition of wealth, courageous deeds, fulfilling desires and being fulfilled.

13. Marketing & Sales Power:

We’ll share proven strategies to activate the most powerful kind of marketing, word of mouth referral based marketing to stimulate exponential sales and business development.

14. Finance Power:

Formulas to expand and utilize your financial capacity without stressing yourself out.

15. Relationship Building Power:

You’ll learn the fundamentals of what makes coherent, truthful, prosperous, accountable relationships.

16. Fulfillment Power:

If your success is creating suffering for yourself and others, it’s a failure.

“Success without fulfillment is failure” – Tony Robbins


You’ll learn how to cultivate fulfillment from the inside out so success becomes a natural by-product.

17. Unique Super Power:

We’ll specifically define and determine your unique super power and zone of genius,

why you were put on this earth and how to position and utilize it best right now.

note: We’ll be asking you for a specific piece of information that is unique and specific to you and no one else. No one will probably ask you this question in your life except us.

18. Imagination Power:

Success is based on the powers of our imagination.

You’ll learn what imagination really is and how to have more of it, naturally.


Developing, understanding and activating these invincible powers will the taught throughout the 12 week / 90 day mastermind. 

The Invincible Leader Mastermind intensive is limited to 12 devoted disciples of invincible leadership (those disciplined to learn and lead).

You won’t be walking on water by the end of it…unless you’re really blessed…though you may feel like you are!


  • TWELVE 90-min LIVE INVINCIBLE LEADER MASTERMIND calls (that will be recorded for you to review at any time) every week for 12 consecutive weeks with 11 other leaders to go deep on understanding and implementing the 18 invincible powers to be an Invincible Leader.
  • 60 min individual calls with at least two Invincible Leader trainers each month, three calls total, to tailor knowledge, support and approaches based on where you’re at and what is required for you move forward with minimal resistance. (VALUE $1,500)
  • Every week three leaders will be given 15 minutes each in hot seats for the group to mastermind with them about their situation to find the truth and path that will most ensure their invincible success.
  • Full-spectrum antioxidant nutritional supplement that targets mind and body coordination by enhancing coordination of mental and physical functions; supports balance between the heart and the brain; and is a powerful antioxidant with researching showing it is 1000x more effective in eliminating free radicals (the root cause of aging) than vitamins C or E.
  • Up to four special guests will share their special expertise in leadership, marketing, nutrition & healthy lifestyle and personal development


  • #1 FREE copy of our new book LEADERSHIP PROTECTION BLUEPRINT  (VALUE at least $1,997 based on two decades (over 20,000 hours) of experience working with top leaders around the world)
  • #2 FREE On-demand support via email or 10-min call if required. (VALUE $497)
  • #3 FREE New Business Acquisition Script (VALUE $497)
  • #4 FREE New Business Referral Script & Approaches. (VALUE $497)
  • #5 FREE Defining Your Invincible Leader Personal Brand Story (VALUE $997)
  • #6 FREE Superfood Nutrition recipe book (VALUE how much is your health worth?)
  • #5 FREE Defining Your Invincible Leader Personal Brand Story (VALUE $997)


We’ve worked with leaders of multi-billion, multi-million & multi-6-figure revenue companies on a one on one basis for two decades, so we have a great range of capacity.

The INVINCIBLE LEADERSHIP MASTERMIND is for those who are either:

  • not in a position to invest in one on one coaching at this time and would like to be part of a group coaching program, that also has a small one-on-one component, or
  • would simply like to experience what we do before investing in a higher-level of leadership knowledge, approaches, support and attention.

To work with us you have to be open and committed to the development process and meet the following criteria:


lead at least a 6-figure revenue company in a life-supporting industry.

humble and open to learning how to more deeply develop yourself.

respects the importance of creating invincible success in health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.

honors, respects and appreciates those around them who are supporting them.

have a strong conviction for what you stand for & want see happen.

want to do what is most evolutionary for yourself, team and the world.

We have deep respect for what leaders do as we know the buck stops with them when it comes to the overall performance of the company.

We hate seeing good well-intending leaders suffer and be corrupted, diminished or lose due to adversity, inertia, and negativity that could have been neutralized or averted with the right approaches.

We know leaders require what we provide more than we require their business affirmed by the fact we’ve worked with leaders through some of their toughest times without immediate remuneration.

If you’re open to integrating even higher knowledge and approaches for yourself, your team and culture, to do even more good in this world then we’re ready to serve with all the fierce graceful tenacity we have.


With over two decades of experience:

  • working with top CEOs & executives on four continents (over 20,000 hours)
  • being self starting entrepreneurs for two decades (over 30,000 hours)
  • as former top competitive athletes (over 20,000 hours) and
  • full-time meditating monks (over 50,000 hours)

You’ll be gaining the deepest highest most invincible leadership knowledge on the planet to enhance and protect your achievement and progress.

The mastermind will be lead by the following leaders who have shown through their experience a high degree of mastery of the powers required to be an invincible leader who overcomes and triumphants in any situation:

Raamon Newman

Raamon is Co-founder and CEO of New Mavericks who are renown at helping leaders around the world get assured results and protecting their achievement and progress.


Raamon a former top three nationally ranked track athlete, 2-time National cross country team winner, 4-time state championship winning rugby player, environmental products entrepreneur, 10-year full-time meditating monk and Meisner trained actor.


While engaged in acting training in NYC during the 2007-8 global financial crisis he realized a calling based on his experience for protecting leaders achievement and progress. Raamon is a graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Marketing.


He has personally given tens of thousands to world peace projects and is a guest speaker with the sharing with senior high school students how to be in their unique leadership state to experience more protected achievement and progress in this age of acceleration.

Paolo D’Angelo

Paolo is Co-founder and Chief Intelligence Officer of New Mavericks who are renown at helping leaders around the world get assured results and protecting their achievement and progress.


Paolo came from a background of not graduating high school to being a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer owning his own gym, security company and sport & entertainment ticket selling business.


At the age of 25, he realized that true fulfillment which creates true success really started on the inside. Paolo devoted himself to 15 years meditating full-time; six of those years 7,000 feet up in the Himalayas for his own personal development and contribution to world peace.

Mark Geroux

Mark is a serial Entrepreneur, CEO of multiple companies, an International Speaker and Mastermind Success Coach.


He has been elevating people’s minds, attitudes, habits, and experiences throughout the world in many areas of their lives. How you treat yourself is vitally important to your success.


Mark works on top entrepreneur and life developing events to help teach people to develop self love and self realization to understand that whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve.


Mark is so dedicated to what he does because his dream is to build youth & community centres that help develop self esteem, motivation, and inspiration to the quote of Les Brown, “You have greatness within you“. Currently, Mark has developed 2 youth centres in his local area, and is looking to expand throughout North America and Worldwide.

Two Decades of Experience

For the last two decades we have been globally trusted CEO development advisors to CEOs and executives of multi-million and billion dollar companies.


They have over two decades of experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe.


They’ve provided a CEO Results Assurance & Protection service to leaders of “forward thinking” companies such as:


Protection is not just a nice principle, it’s a tangible benefit that means:

These Invincible Leader partners have successfully applied their diverse experience to create positively disruptive game-changing leadership results for their clients.

You’ll be tapping into over 20,000 hours of experience as competitive athletes, 60,000 hours as full-time meditating monks, over 25,000 hours of entreprenuerial experience, and over 25,000 hours working with top leaders of multi-billion and million revenue companies.

  • Their greatest feat is guiding a top award-winning CEO through a major acquisition that doubled the size of the company from $3 billion to $6 billion in four months.
  • They have also helped CEOs recover from strokes quickly and avert bankruptcy and suicide.
  • Over 80% of our clients have been working with them for 5-10 years because of the consistent improving results their clients experience due to the deep, spontaneous, relevant, truthful, timely & personalized insights they get.

Insights they haven’t been able to find anywhere else, that give them more support, receptivity and protection for what they want to see happen faster.


Via LIVE Zoom teleconferences every week



Starting 4pm PT Monday 11th February for 12 consecutive weeks.



The full value of the knowledge and approaches delivered in this mastermind is $15,000 for 90 days when delivered one to one.

Because we a delivering this in a group setting the investment will not be this much.

We find those who are decisive are the best people to work with and get the best results so when you sign up by midnight Tuesday 5th you’ll be granted an 11k scholarship making it only $3,997 (73% SAVINGS).

This will be the only time we offer the mastermind at this rate because we know how increasingly valuable being an invincible leader is becoming in this age of acceleration.

All future ILM’s could be at least double this price.

This is only available to 12 leaders who truly want the knowledge and approaches to be even more of an invincible leader.

This deep scholarship discounted investment is to:


1. Reward action-takers who fully trust and bet on themselves.

2. Reward those who know great value when they see it.

3. Inspire future leaders through your successful example and case study of being an invincible leader. We’d like to use you as a Success Story of the Invincible Leader Mastermind to inspire more leaders to rise to become Invincible Leaders in their life and business.


The numbers tell where a company is at financially, so what is the source & cause that drives, enhances and protects the numbers?


From our perspective and experience, it’s the degrees of skill, ability, insights and capacity of the leaders of a company.


As Warren Buffet puts it:


“Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll make in your life. There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that’s what’s going to really prove economic freedom. It’s those skills that really make that happen.”  – Warren Buffet


The key to Warren Buffet’s statement above is to invest in yourself sooner not later. Later could be too late causing more loss of time, money, energy, ROI, health and reputation than necessary.


We know there is some initial inertia that leaders can have when it comes to investing in themselves because either they think:

1. They don’t need to continue to develop, which is dangerous in a dynamically changing world, or

2. They have a hard time justifying spending money on themselves.

To overcome this you have to know you’re doing yourself, not to mention your team, customers, shareholders & family, a huge favor investing in yourself because, as Buffet says, it’s the most important investment you’ll make in your life because developing more skill, ability, insight and capacity is what proves economic freedom.

Investing in yourself is possibly the only guaranteed investment in the world that creates this.

You know more effective leadership is the primary driver of improving everything in business and life…so investing in the highest level of leadership to be an invincible leader is quite possibly the greatest investment you’ll make. Period.

We look forward to serving and giving you the knowledge, insights and approaches to truly experience the rest of your life time as an invincible leader!


Research below documents that unfolding more of your potential, capacity & coherence as a leader is what really inspires the market to want to do more business with you as you seek to do more business with the market.

The Center for Creative Leadership in 2009 said that based on numerous in-depth studies that:

“organizations who invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t.”

Investing in leadership development they found:

  • Improves bottom-line financial performance
  • Attracts & retains talent
  • Drives a performance culture
  • Increases organizational agility
  • Another independent research firm Bersin & Associates found:

“it is hard to find a company that has survived many economic cycles that doesn’t have a sophisticated leadership development strategy in place.”


A Harvard Business Review article called “Maximizing Your Return On People” found a strong correlation between leadership skill and bottom line:

“Companies with higher scores for their investment in human capital delivered stock returns that were five times higher than companies with less emphasis on human capital.”


As CEO’s we don’t believe we need coaching. We do need coaching, just not in the traditional way. We need more empowering of our potential, capacity and coherence that empowers more energy, clarity and creativity as well as better understanding of ourselves and others. This is what drives better results in less time.”


— Phil Prosser, CEO, FeedbackASAP, The World’s most actionable customer feedback


Here’s a great 3-min TED Talk from a top surgeon about why everyone needs a coach, he thought he didn’t need one and then realizing through the experience of having one how incredibly valuable it is.


The statistics show that every month you spend without a coach you lose 3 months of momentum!


So spending 4 months with a coach you’ll gain more momentum than a year spent on your own…plus it then keeps exponentially growing.


This is how to go from good to great and stay that way.


This is what our clients experience and even more so because we go beyond just coaching to having protection that averts & minimizes negativity & delays before they arise, which is really the highest form of coaching.



For those interested in our high-end two to one INVINCIBLE CEO RESULTS ASSURANCE & PROTECTION Service you can schedule a call via our calender to discuss your situation with our partners or email support@newmavericks or call 323-742-2225


At the conclusion of the 12-week mastermind, we’ll review with you to see how everything has and is progressing.


Assuming you’re happy with the results and want to continue we’ll offer you a new opportunity for even more accelerated progress & protection the next 9 months.


Should there be any gap between expected and actual results after the mastermind, and assuming you’ve completed and implemented what is required from the mastermind, we’ll continue to work with you for no charge until those expectations are met over the following 30 days and then review again.


Should you not get the progress you’re looking for after one year we’ll gladly refund your investment less the 25% we’ll have spent on back end programs & products to support your invincible leader development.


We’ll also continue to do whatever we can to assure your continued progress.


This is something we’ve never had to do due to the effectiveness of our program, we simply offer it to mitigate any risk you may feel.



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