New Mavericks Favor the Power of Influence over Analyze

By on August 11, 2014

New Mavericks intrinsically know it is about acting based on who they are that allows them to influence and achieve. Acting positively is more powerful than saying everything is ok. New Mavericks are awake to when something is not right and “ask what can I do?”

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When something not right and we do something good it changes the frequency of the whole situation. It is about knowing you are never stuck, as everything is motion and change. Can think you’re stuck but you’re not. Even your metabolism continues when you are sleeping for example.

additional reading For New Mavericks the focus is on action rather than thinking
The goal is you are doing and not thinking, spontaneous right and precise action. Too much thinking and analyzing creates fatigue and confusion. As you meditate more you can act and don’t think. Thinking and analyzing too much you won’t go anywhere because you are caught up in your mind. Through acting you become stronger and more integrated and it creates muscle memory for the future. As I learned in my acting classes, acting is doing.

See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery.
Contemplating and thinking is for recluses. Thinking for a householder/worldly person creates misery. Acting you don’t have time to think and is when you are truly happy.

The quality of silence determines power of actions
Having more silence, or stillness of mind, with thoughts allows one to have clarity of thought and spontaneous right action. This makes one more highly developed and super-fluid in thought and action. As mentioned before, the average person has roughly 70,000 thoughts per day yet high-performers have less than 15,000. This means those with more thoughts are spending more time analyzing, debating, judging and worrying in their mind. Those with fewer thoughts are more focused in influencing and creating the future with their actions and rather than entertaining negative or judging and overanalyzing thoughts.

Leaders influence and are influenced by the collective consciousness they lead
Every leader is only able to lead to the degree the collective consciousness allows them to lead. Elected leaders come into power with great intentions for change, yet when they are elected they are limited by the collective awareness of the people they lead, which limits the speed of change they want. New Maverick leaders know they become great leaders because of the actions they have take to influence and attract the best people around them. This allows them to have greater influence to create the changes they want.

Influencing through action trumps Analyzing
Influencing through action is a greater tool than analysis because an influencer is evolved enough to see the future and create it. An over-analyzer is trying to create the future by looking at the past, which is limiting. Sir Richard Branson’s story of starting Virgin airlines is a classic example of this. He could have spent year analyzing how to break into the industry and overcome British Airway’s monopoly of Atlantic flights from the UK to US. Instead he trusted and backed himself and went and leased an airplane from Boeing and started offering flights, a risk that is still paying off to this day.

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