How to be in the Right State to Make the Right Decision and Action at the Right Time

By on August 7, 2014

Lets get real; if you’re not in the right state (meaning integrated on the level of your awareness, heart, mind, intellect, ego and body) you can’t really make the best and right decisions and actions at the right time to influence your immediate and long-term future in the most evolutionary direction. We sometimes hear ourselves or others say, “I’m not in a good state, so can’t do this”. So why is this important, what is the right state and how do we get there.

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The why, is simply because everything in our life; in business, performance, and relationships is an expressed reflection of our internal state. The better your internal state, the better the reflection. Beauty truly starts from within.


Pretty much every good decision and action, that influences our future in the best direction, is made from a very fine feeling level. The fine feeling level is not gross feeling or emotions, which can lead us astray. It is where your awareness (which sees), your heart (which feels), your mind (which thinks & knows), your ego (which projects and experiences), your intellect (which decides) and your body (which acts) are unified and coordinated so you can spontaneously make the right decision at the right time.

Strategy’s and tactics are weak without being in the right state

Any strategy, technique, idea, tactics, formula, systems or models you use to progress in any area of life will not be as effective if you are not in the right state, which is functioning from that fine feeling level. A good example of this is Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player. He won Wimbledon for the second time this year after a near two-year slump of not winning major tournaments despite being in the finals of many. He hired a new team to help him be in the right state during crucial winning opportunities. In the 5th set of the Wimbledon final with Roger Federer this year, which could of gone either way, he as able to make the right strokes and not make mistakes by being in the right state and came out victorious.

Culturing your fine feeling muscle

Therefore every leader needs to be able to culture the ability and the muscle to work from this fine feeling level, as much as possible, to make better decisions to command through bold and confident action at the right time to capitalize on opportunities or avert dangers. Our top client won CEO of the Year in his country, the first year we worked with him, a few years ago. He won the award because he is brilliant at mergers/acquisitions. He told us in these meetings when he’s looking at acquiring another company he will be very quiet and silent within himself, even when asked speak or expected to speak, for up to a minute. Others think he does this as a sweat tactic to make the other party change their offer. When in actual fact he is trying to pick up on a fine feeling level how he feels about the individuals running the business and the business as whole and whether this is the right time to acquire the company and whether it will work out for the long run.

People buy your state before your product or service

The right state is vitally important if you want to influence others because people are first buying the value of your energy, and feeling you give them, before your product and service. Internet marketing extraordinaire Frank Kern is brilliant at this. His energy is so personable, friendly, easy-going and nonchalant when he speaks that people naturally open to what he has to say and offer.


You develop the right state of functioning from your fine feeling level by purifying and letting go of internal frustrations/stresses and make adjustments in yourself and your business so your internal state is relaxed and you are at peace with yourself emotionally so you have a clear strong belief in what you are doing. A client of ours, who is a top customer service marketer in his country, as a new innovative business in how to get immediate feedback from customers. He has the idea, the strategy and the systems in place but still wasn’t getting the big clients he wanted. We had him focus on getting his internal state within himself and his company right and within a couple of months he attracted three major clients.

Having a simple settled sharp alert state of awareness

The right state starts with having a simple settled alert sharp state of awareness that allows your heart and brain to be more expanded and integrated so you feel, see, know, project, discern and act more powerfully. Having this state of awareness allows you to have greater self-love, self-trust, self-respect and self-confidence to function from your fine feeling level. It’s like diving into the ocean, the deep you go the more settled and quiet it becomes and the more you can fathom.

All action starts from infinite silence

All action, which includes thinking and feeling, ultimately comes from inner silence/stillness. The more you’re plugged into the source of all good feelings, thoughts and action, that infinite silence/stillness, the more natural (naturalness is the basis for effectiveness), simple, unified, real, genuine, truthful, energetic, bold, clear and precise you feel, think and act. Like an arrow fully pulled back on a bow, it has all this potential energy to hit the target with great speed and accuracy. Functioning from this state you are not mood making, so it is sustainable long term. It is like being the eye of the storm as our client below describes.

“Two of our senior team and I organized the biggest deal in our Corporate history. This involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no go hurdles etc…and multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this I personally felt like I was the eye of the storm…all was calm and relaxed!”

Mark Waller, CEO EBOS Group, New Zealand CEO of the Year 2010

The right state sub-communicates higher status and influence

Being in the right state is also the basis for becoming and projecting higher status in who you are and what you do, as it enables you to sub-communicate more powerfully and influence others when you are acting/speaking as well as when you are not. A good example of this is the James Bond characters, whose steady cool calm internal state sub-communicates “I’m not phase by anything and I’m going to do what is right and best for everyone, even if you don’t agree.”

In summary, the right state for making the right decision and action at the right time to influence your immediate and long term future in the most evolutionary direction really comes down to functioning from that fine feeling where every level of yourself is integrated and unified.



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