Natural Fertility Cleanse Is your reproductive system causing you discomfort?

why not try these out    Enjoy a FREE Powerful Ayurvedic Treatment to Naturally Help Improve Fertility, Painful Periods AND OVERALL HEALTH!! Alleviate infertility, PMS, period cramps, amenorrhea, cyst problems, post menopause symptoms & protect from cervical cancer

Painful periods, fibroids, cysts, infertility and related problems need not plague your enjoyment as a woman!

The toxins responsible for this pain, both physical and emotional, can be expelled with the menstrual blood forever, simply and easily through this natural fertility deep-cleanse for the entire body! Introducing the…..

Banana Purification Treatment  banana

Even if the problems are deeply rooted, significant relief can be achieved from this powerful treatment, done during the days of menstrual flow for best results. Particularly beneficial to the female reproductive system, and can be done for males also!

Benefits of the Banana Treatment (a natural fertility cleanse)

Amplifies the purifying action of menstruation many fold.

Detoxifies and protects the physiology.

Balances hormones and the reproductive system.

Improves the health of future generations by purifying the mother’s physiology.

Clears blockages between the brain and the uterus.

Resets (tunes) the innate, underlying frequencies in the physiology.

Rejuvenates the whole physiology.

Restores the body’s natural inner intelligence and health.

Enlivens and fortifies the immune system.

 “The main action of Banana Treatment is on the uterus ~ the communication between the brain and the uterus. When the communication is obstructed, it clears it—whatever is in the way. And then it clears everything because it removes the blocks [along the way].” –Dr. J.R. Raju

How it Works

The banana treatment (BT) or natural fertility cleanse involves taking/eating special herbs prepared with bananas, which draw out toxins from all over the body into the menstrual blood, through which they are expelled. The treatment itself takes only a minute to administer, followed by an hour of rest and silence. Silence is also recommended 20-30 minutes before the treatment.

BT can also be done during the “underlying cycle” days when you have menstruated at that time of the month before—even after menopause. So if you’re not menstruating, you should know the recent date or anticipated date.

If you have painful periods, fibroids, cysts, infertility or other related problems, a minimum of two or more consecutive Banana Treatments may be required to adequately detoxify both the ovaries and related systems. This natural fertility cleanse also helps to balance the hormonal system so emotions become more even and smooth.

These treatments are FREE AND improve the heath of future generations!!

The Raju family forefathers, who handed down this unique and wonderful knowledge to their family, specified that it should be given free of charge, so that there is no financial barrier for anyone to have its benefits.  Plus, any child born after this purification of the mother’s reproductive system has a greater opportunity for health and well-being it’s whole life.

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Purpose and Goal of the Banana Treatment

The Raju family’s noble purpose is to improve the health of future generations by providing this preventative treatment before conception. The goal is to bring healthier and stronger children into the world and prevent any unfortunate disease or illness before it arises in a child’s life.

Offered by one of the top Ayurvedic families in the World

The Raju family is regarded as one of the few families in India who have the complete knowledge of authentic Ayurveda. They are a holy family coming from a long linage of pure ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, the world’s most time-tested holistic health care system, along with decades of practical  experience.

raju fam

 Dr. Krishna Raju on “Why is Banana Treatment so powerful?”

“Vibration through Vedic primordial sounds and herbs are the key to this treatment’s success.  Like the small point (the planet and humans) and the vast (Universe), this treatment utilizes the minute herb to work in all directions throughout the physiology. Simultaneously, the vibration enters into the body and goes into the entire endocrine system, not just the reproductive system, to create balance.”

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 Where and when you can have this free treatment

In krishnaeither May/June and/or July/August of 2015, Dr. Krishna Raju has generously agreed to visit California & possibly one other state like New York or the Midwest, if demand warrants, to offer the Banana Purification Treatment.  Because it is recommended that women attend during their menses, or know the date of their past menses, and also attend two times 28 days apart, Dr. Raju will stay a full two months to repeat the treatment for interested participants.

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What is required to offer the treatment

Raamon NewmanFounder of New Mavericks, and Robin EschlerFounder of Social Impact Marketing, have teamed up to coordinate the Raju visit and are seeking to maintain the balance of giving by finding well wishers who would like contribute to bringing Dr. Raju and a family member to California from India to give this profound health benefit of the BT for this and future generations. $6,000 is required for a two month visit, which covers travel to and from India and within the US plus food and home lodging for two Raju family members. We are looking for funders and supporters to make this possible. Those who receive the BT will be asked to contribute whatever donation they like to cover the cost of the bananas involved in preparation. For maximum results some personal “giving” is encouraged.

Those interested in financially supporting Dr. Krishna Raju’s visit please call Raamon at 323-742-2225 or email

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Enter your name, email, city and state and we’ll let you know details of Dr. Raju’s visit, as well as dates and location options for receiving treatments.  Please share this information to reach as many people as possible who can benefit from this incredible treatment, via social media, email and word-of-mouth.

Personal requirements & process to receive the Banana Treatment:

1. Express your interest and availability in May, June, July and August by clicking the yellow button above or below and enter your contact information.

2. Menstruating time is ideal for the treatment. Not menstruating is still ok. It is best done at the same time of the month that you had your period at any time in the past, even if you are now in menopause.

3. Be in silence and / or in meditation for 30 minutes before and after taking the BT herbs.

4. BT must be taken on an empty stomach; no food two hours before and no water for one hour before and one hour after the treatment.

5. The BT herbs take only a minute to administer, and include a tiny amount of vibrational herbs with a small piece of banana, as a delivery vehicle.

6. Done for three consecutive days (longer if menstrual flow continues)

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO DO THE BANANA TREATMENT AGAIN AFTER 30 DAYS FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS; doing once is still VERY beneficial. You can also visit the Raju Family Health Center in Hyderabad, India to have the BT in-residence along with traditional ayurvedic panchkarma treatments. See for details.

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